All About Dental Implants in Costa Rica

The longest lasting and most predictable method for replacing missing teeth are dental implants. Dentistry has been utilizing them with great results for decades. Studies have shown that they are successful 98% of the time under ideal conditions. For this reason, most dental clinics offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the dental implants performed by their specialists. One renowned dental clinic in Costa Rica that specializes in dental implants is Advance Dental, their implants procedure success rate is awesome.

What Are Dental Implants


The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) states that the best treatment option to replace missing teeth is frequently dental implants. Instead of adjacent teeth being used as anchors, as in the case of fixed bridges, or resting on your gum line, like with removable dentures, dental implants are a type of long-term replacement that is surgically placed into the jaw bone by an oral surgeon.

A dental implant is a type of “root” device. It is made usually of titanium. Dentistry utilizes them in order to support restoration that look like a tooth or several teeth in order to replace missing teeth.


Almost all implants that are placed these days are placed in the bone and are root-form endosseous implants.

The jaw bone accepts the titanium post and osseointegrates with it. Osseointegration is when the surface of the implant fuses with the bone that surrounds it. Dental implants do fuse with bone, although they are lacking in peridontal ligament and will therefore feel a bit different during the chewing process than natural teeth do, particularly during the first few weeks following the restoration.

The Ideal Patient For a Dental Implant Procedure


The ideal dental implant patient will have sufficient bone structure for holding the implant stable. She or he also needs to have good overall health. If you are currently suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes or are a smoker, there may be a reduction in the success rate of your implant.

The Future Of Dental Implants in Costa Rica


Many implant systems in the future will have minimal restorative/placement instrumentation. Instead, there will be a single universal implant body for fulling all surgical needs.

However, there is no reason to wait. Today these standards are found in the dental implant system used by OCO Biomedical: bone condensing implant body that is proven and single special side cutting osteotomy.

Dual Stabilization

OCO Biomedical implants, unlike other implants available in today’s market, are designed for loading immediately due to Dual Stabilization. This design feature is unique for the industry. It biomechanically secures the implant’s collar and tip.

While other dental implant companies like to brag about the revolutionary surface treatments that they provide, the dental implants from OCO lock the bone immediately at placement.

The implant’s apex is locked with our patent-pending special bull-nose auger tip by pulling up the bone around the threads. The cortical bone is locked with a mini Cortic-O thread to stabilize the collar.

The pitch and thread pattern of OCO’s dental implants are design purposely to maximize thread to bone contact immediately.

Immediate One Piece Dental Implants Available In Costa Rica


The abutment and dental implant device are integrated in a single piece. Therefore, the healing abutment isn’t necessary, which means a second surgery does not need to be performed.

Osseo integration starts immediately. Integration of the implant device and integration of bone takes place in a normal way, with the implant device’s physical characteristics creating the solid infrastructure which makes it possible to use them immediately.

When a healing abutment is used and you wear a removable prosthesis, the healing process will not take 6 months. The treatment can be completed in just 11 days.

There is a minimum need for bone grafting since the unique tip has been specially designed for promoting the bone to immediately grow after placement in addition to preserving the existing bone.

99% Success Rate

All of the dental implants performed by OCO Biomedical have a very impressive success rate of more than 99%.

Affordable Dental Implants

Compared to U.S. prices, in Costa Rica you can save as much as 70% on the cost of your dental implants. The cost of one implant in the United States can cost anywhere from $900 to $3,000.

How To Locate A Good Dentist


Before you plan to visit Costa Rica, it’s a good idea to locate the best dentist for your specific dental needs.

We have researched most dental clinics in Costa Rica, and based on clients testimonials we have found that the most-technologically advanced and latest dental implant procedures in Costa Rica are offered by Advance Dental.

Consider the following points to find a good dentist:

1- Specialty

Can a general dentist perform your dental work or will you need to have a specialist do it? It is very important to research the dentist’s experience and credentials to ensure that you will be in capable hands.

2- Pricing

It is very important for your dental treatment to be affordable. However, getting a good price isn’t the only thing you need to consider. Your decision shouldn’t be based on price alone, since selecting the cheapest treatment available could end up cost your several thousands of dollars later on. Keep in mind that whatever Costa Rica dentist your select, it will probably save you 50% to 70% over Canadian and US prices. If you are able to find a dental clinic or dentist that you really like, don’t pass them up for another dental clinic just because they charge a couple of hundred dollars less. Similar to a pair of pants, if they don’t really fit it doesn’t really matter how cheap they are. That isn’t a good deal.

The cost of your dental care will depend on several cost variables. It will depend on the dental equipment used, where the dental clinic is located, cost of dental lab, expertise of the specific dentist, kinds of materials that are used, and any extra services that are provided such as patient transportation to the clinic from your hotel, conscious sedation, etc.

Be sure to take time to research your chosen dental clinic and dentist who will be performing your dental work.

3- Personality

All dental clinics have been built around a certain concept. This leads to clinics having their own personality. Some clinics offer the ideal environment for relaxing in while your dental treatment is being performed. Others specialize in doing dental work quickly by utilizing the most advanced technological equipment. Then there are others that may use hypnotism for sedation. It is important to locate a clinic that can suit your needs the best to make sure that your dental experience is a great one.

4- Language

Be sure that the dentist and dental staff at your dental clinic of choice speaks fluent English. When it comes to dental care, understandable and clear communication is critical.

5- References

Contact former patients of the dentist that you are considering and ask them what their experience was like. Ask for referrals from people you know and read through testimonials and reviews that are available.

6- Availability

It is also important that you check to make sure that the dentist will be available to pay close attention and discussion your case with you in addition to performing the actual dental work. It is important that the dentist will respond to you within 24-48 hours. Good dentists are frequently very busy, so it’s important for you to understand that they might not be able to speak to you immediately. However, it a dentist is unable to talk to you within 1 to 2 days, then he might be too busy to be able to provide you with the quality care you need and deserve.


Make sure that you discuss any concerns that you might have with your dentist.